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The following is a listing and description of the services we offer.

Web Site Design
Site design includes the page layout, links, text insertion and custom graphics to compliment the site. Color coordination is maintained with your company's existing logos and color schemes. Any photos or logos are included where appropriate on the site. If you have a page layout in mind, we can approximate it. It is preferred that text for each page be provided by the client, but we can write the copy for you. Sites are also designed to work on all web browsers and their various versions. Because 2/3 of all Internet users are still using dail-up, graphics are optimized to load quickly.

Web Site Maintenance
Once your site is up and working, you will want or need to make changes. As part of our design fee, we include maintenance for one year that allows you to make changes to any existing page as often as you like. Changes are usually incorporated with 48 hours of receiving the change request via e-mail. If you need to add pages to the site, there is a charge for each new page. After the first year of maintenance has expired we will renew the maintenance agreement and pricing is based on the previous year's change history.

Domain Name Registration
If you don't have a domain name (, we can get it registered for you.

Domain Hosting
Your web site needs to be on a server connected to the Internet. After discussing your needs, we can put your web site (domain) on the server that is appropriate for your site's needs. Our hosting service has been in business for 10 years and has been in the top ten rankings for best hosting service consistently for the last eight years. We can work with and place your web site on your hosting service if you already have one, but we may not be able to provide the full range of services your site requires.

One of the quickest ways to give your customers a negative impression about your web site and company is to have an e-mail address on your business card that reads It should be This show a much higher degree of professionalism. With your domain hosting, we can provide you with e-mail forwarding ( forwards to your private address) or we can set up an individual POP account that would be We are happy to work with your preference.

Auto-responders are one of the best kept secrets on the Internet. Very few companies and web site designers know how to use them let alone how to use them effectively and integrate them with an overall marketing plan. We can show how to do this as well as doing the set up.

Restricted Access Areas
Many times a client has information they want to share with the public and other information for clients only. We can set up restricted "Members Only" areas that require a password and user ID. This can be as simple or complex as required depending on your needs.

Discussion Groups
Discussion groups allow web site visitors to ask questions, post answers and see what other people have on their minds. It is a way to get visitors to return to your web site. We can set these groups up for you.

Web Site Promotion Once your web site is on the Internet, visitors need to be able to find your site. We program each page to allow them to be indexed effectively for listing in the major search engines. We also register the site with the major search engines including the world's most popular one - Google.

If you already have a web site and would like to improve it or have questions about how to integrate you web site with your marketing plan or any other Internet related question, we can provide information on a consultation basis

If you have any questions or would like us to provide you with a quote, please Contact Us by phone, mail or e-mail.

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